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Annuity Carriers

At Premier Insurance Partners, we are always sharing top ideas we hear from producers across the country. Here are a few things you may find helpful:

Multi-year Guaranteed Annuities (MYGA)

  • 3 year to 10 year Guarantees
  • Full value at death
  • Issue to age 90
  • Great rates!

Fixed Indexed Annuities

  • Up to 12% premium bonus
  • Surrender lengths as small as 6 years

Traditional Fixed Annuities

  • Up to 10% premium bonuses
  • Nursing home riders
  • Guaranteed Income Riders

NEW 45% Bonus Annuity

  • Terrific commission (all paid upfront – not over 2-3 years)

Life Income Riders – These riders are the “buzz” of the annuity world. Clients want guarantees and now you can offer high returns with the guarantees of the income rider.

PLUS: Ask about our NEW income rider quote tool. Now you can easily determine the best product for your client.

Single Premium Life – Many of our top annuity agents are converting their practice to SPL. It is the perfect product for money not needed today. It instantly increases the premium by up to 60% (how’s that for a premium bonus!) and the death benefit can be used for Home Health Care.

  • No regulatory hassles!
  • High commissions
  • Short surrenders
  • the “ultimate premium” bonus!
  • PLUS new plan accepts annuity transfers
  • NEW SPL – accepts Qualified Money
  • The ultimate premium bonus! Increase the premium by up to 60%

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