…(Premier Insurance Partners) has proven to be essential partners to my financial planning firm. Regardless of your planning “specialty”, you would be well-advised to consider partnering with Premier Insurance Partners.
Edward D. Foy, RFC
President, Foy Financial Services, Inc.
Manager, SELECTOR Money Management

…(Premier Insurance Partners) is resourceful, creative, and solution oriented. (They) always relate their extensive industry knowledge to clients at a level of clear understanding. Jerry Hraban is a true team leader as well as an effective team member.
Mary A. Hertzberg, CIMA, CIMA
Senior Vice President
Wachovia Securities, LLC

Jerry is highly respected, both as a person and a professional. It has been our team’s pleasure to work with him over the past couple of years. I highly recommend (Premier Insurance Partners).
Robert Verkilen
Associate Vice President/Investment Officer
Wachovia Securities

I’ve seen their sales idea-based presentation and the reps were begging to work with them. It was magic…right time, right idea!
Chris Stovall Cain
FFP Securities

I’d like to say Premier Insurance Partners really lives up to their name. The partnership that they cultivated with me has been exceptional. I truly recommend them. You won’t regret it…
Juan Dominguez, RFC
Registered Representative
Money Concepts International